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This website is managed by the Real Estate Agency Riviera dei Sogni di Bellinghieri Alessio (here also “Agency” or “Agency Riviera dei Sogni”), recorded in the Estate Agent’s Register of the Imperia District – Business register number 130368 (from 02/04/2009), tax code BLLLSS81S13E290L, VAT number 01483800080. Seat address: via Giacinta Ferro, 12 – 18100 Imperia (IM) / ITALY.

The Agency reserves the right of its absolute discretion to modify, update or alter the general conditions of use and the conditions of contract at any time.

Therefore we recommend that you regularly check this section in order to keep yourself informed about the general conditions of use and conditions of contract. Should you partly or totally disagree with any part of the general conditions of use and conditions of contract, we recommend you not to use our website.

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Privacy Policy

You are kindly requested to read the Privacy Policy that applies in every case you access the website, even if you are not booking or buying any service. The Privacy Policy helps you to understand how and why agenziarivieradeisogni.com collects and uses your personal data.


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Links to other websites

agenziarivieradeisogni.com has links to other websites that are not controlled by agenziarivieradeisogni.com or the Agency Riviera dei Sogni.

The agency Riviera dei Sogni does not watch over or control these websites and is therefore not to be held responsible for their content, their regulation of use of personal data or Privacy policy.

You are kindly requested to pay attention when accessing the websites linked to agenziarivieradeisogni.com. We suggest you to read carefully their conditions of use, conditions of contract and privacy policy. Our general conditions of use, conditions of contract and privacy policy do not apply to other websites.

Agenziarivieradeisogni.com is linked to other websites in order to help you out in getting useful information and to make the connection to other websites more user-friendly.

The Agency Riviera dei Sogni does not recommend or point out the linked websites and cannot guarantee their content or the facilities and products they offer or sell.

Other conditions

The Real Estate Agency Riviera dei Sogni (here also “Agenzia Riviera dei Sogni” or “Agenzia”) rents private holiday homes.

The agency Riviera dei Sogni is not responsible for delays, accidents, loss, program and price change, prejudice and any sort of damage, etc. occurring during any of our services.

Riviera dei Sogni and its collaborators are not to be held responsible for:

errors, omissions, spelling mistakes and discrepancies in the information provided

mistakes and discrepancies in the information about third parties and about owners

damage, personal prejudice or injures that can occur during your stay in one of the accommodations booked on agenziarivieradeisogni.com

discussion with third parties

content of web pages linked to our website

Rivera dei Sogni prepares your travel documents and sends them to you. You receive your documents via email, fax, ordinary mail or you can collect them personally at our offices.

Riviera dei Sogni and its suppliers are not obliged to pay reimbursement in case of overbooking or in any circumstance beyond their control.

Please, read carefully the following general conditions and as with your booking state you agree with them.


The customer can make the booking of the accommodation either by phone or directly from the appropriate form that he can found on the website www.agenziarivieradeisogni.com. The customer can also make a reservation personally by going to the Agency or with immediate confirmation directly on the website.

The reservation is confirmed only upon receipt of our letter, fax or confirmation email.

Terms of payment

All information about the payment will be indicated by the Agency at the time of sending the booking confirmation or at the time of booking request. The reservation is allowed without credit card details and without advanced payment.

Travel documents

At the end of the booking process, Riviera dei Sogni will send a letter, fax or e-mail with the booking confirmation, which is equivalent to the voucher to be presented when collecting the keys.

Payments, services, special conditions and information

Payment or balance of the agreed amount, if still to be paid, has to be settled in cash at the Agency Riviera dei Sogni, to one of its collaborators or to the owner at your arrival as soon as you have collected the keys. At arrival you also have to pay for supplementary services. For example a fixed price for compulsory services (this includes final cleaning of the accommodation except for the cooking area, kitchenware, etc.) and for linen if requested.

Non payment leads to the termination of contract. In this case Rivera dei Sogni keeps the already paid deposit as compensation and the agency has the right to claim the account settlement of the entire amount due as cancellation penalty (100% of the entire rent).

The payment for extra charges (such as heating, electricity, transfers, guided tours, etc.) has to be previously agreed with the Agency Riviera dei Sogni. You cannot claim any sum not previously discussed.

In the description, in the booking request or in the confirmation letter is mentioned whether the accommodation is provided with linen and sheets or not.

Each accommodation is usually provided with kitchen linen but there are no sheets and no towels. In many accommodations sheets and towels are available upon request at extra charge (please send a request during the booking process). We suggest you bring kitchen linen, detergents and toilet paper with you in any case.

In the description is also mentioned if the accommodation is equipped with supplementary or child beds. You usually need to bring children bedding with you. Please, verify if the supplementary or children bed does not exceed the maximum occupancy or if this is allowed. Supplementary and child beds should in any case be requested during the booking process and have to be confirmed. If the request is confirmed you’ll find a note on your confirmation letter.

In any description it is clearly mentioned if pets are allowed. In any case its type and size are to be mentioned in the booking process. Please, note that just one pet is allowed. The agency cannot guarantee that you won’t find any animal close to the accommodation or in its property. The presence of animals can be for example due to the house’s location or to the fact that the owner could have a pet himself.

Please, note that even where pets are accepted they cannot just run around freely. Dogs are not allowed in the pool or to cross flowerbeds. In almost all countries the EU a pet passport is valid or compulsory for cats and dogs with rabies vaccine. Sometimes a microchip or a tattoo for identification is requested. Travelling with dogs of certain breeds, such as fighting dogs, is strictly regulated by law. They are not even allowed to enter some countries.

Please, ask your vet or check the internet for further information.

In the accommodations you will find all kitchenware and enough crockery for the number of people entered in the booking process and a fridge even if it is not mentioned in the description. You won’t find other equipment such as oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine, washing machine unless ist is clearely mentioned.

TV” means usually a colour television, otherwise “Satellite TV” or “Cable TV” are mentioned. We cannot guarantee there you’ll be able to watch tv programs in your language.

We cannot guarantee the availability of enough chairs for everybody in the garden. This applies also to deckchairs which are usually limited in number. For reasons of hygiene many owners do not place chair pillows at your disposal. Deckchairs and garden umbrellas are available if clearly mentioned in the description.

The accommodation description mentions if there is a pool and indicates its opening time. Its opening time can vary according to weather conditions. Pools often have a special opening time and specific rules. For example it may be not allowed to swim in bermuda-shorts, to play ball, to use air beds, or it may be compulsory to wear a bathing cap (this is very common in Italy).

You have the right to make use of the entire accommodation, including all equipment and pieces of furniture, but you have to handle it with care. You will be charged for any damage you or other guests cause.

In case of special offers, discounts, first minute booking, discounts for families or pensioners, supplementary or extra charges are due entirely and refer to the whole length of stay. If the special offer includes two different seasons, the discount is calculated on the lower weekly or daily price.

Arrivals and departures

Riviera dei Sogni, or one of its collaborators or the owner will give you the keys from 3 p.m. on your arrival day in an agreed place. You will be informed by the agency about the time the key has to be returned. This time cannot be negotiated.

In case of delay please promptly inform the agency or the owner, in order to organize another appointment (you may be asked for a surcharge). In case of delay please inform the Agency Riviera dei Sogni asap.

You have to bring your personal ID and travel documents with you.

You will be informed about the time for returning the key (normally between 9.00 am and 10.00 am on the day of check out). This time cannot be negotiated. You will return the keys on your last day to one of our collaborators or to the owner as soon as he has verified that the kitchen, the crockery, barbecue, all equipment and furniture have been cleaned up and there are no damages. You have to leave the accommodation in the same conditions you have found it at your arrival.

The kitchen, the dishes, crockery and barbecue need to be perfectly clean. Leave the fridge empty and take all waste away.

Should you not observe this prescription, you will be charged extra with an amount depending on the condition of the apartment.

No reimbursement is due for delayed arrivals caused by personal problems, strike, travel difficulties. This applies also to early departures.

Booking cancellation

You have the right to cancel your booking at any time before arrival. The penalty is calculated depending on when Riviera dei Sogni is informed about your cancellation. It is in your interest to communicate your cancellation in writing.

Cancellations and early resolution entail the following penalty charges:

a) Until 61 days before arrival: free cancellation. If you paid something you will be reimbursed!

b) From 60 days before the day of arrival: 100% penalty

Name changes are accepted before arrival. Riviera dei Sogni has to be informed in time, in order to modify all documents. The new client, who has to fulfil all the requirements established by law, takes in whole the place of the former client. You might be charged 20,00 in case of a name change as compensation. In this case you have the right to prove that the damage suffered by Riviera dei Sogni is not serious or that there is no damage at all.

Changes and cancellation

The Agency Riviera dei Sogni or the owner have the right to replace the booked apartment with another one of the same value in case of circumstances beyond their control. In case of circumstaces beyond their control, such as wars, natural disasters, the Agency Riviera dei Sogni or the owner have the right to cancel your booking and to refunding you the money.

Accepting these conditions of contract, you lose the right to claim any compensation in case of cancellation or early resolution by the Agency Riviera dei Sogni.


As soon as you collect the keys you will be asked for a deposit of 200 / 300 Euros cash. You will receive this amount back as soon as we have verified that the kitchen. The crockery, barbecue, all equipment and furniture have been cleaned up and there are no damages. In certain circumstances the Agency Riviera dei Sogni had the right to request a deposit of higher amount.

In case of non payment or non-cash payment the owner and the Agency Riviera dei Sogni have the right not to give you the keys.

Client’s duties

Respect the maximum occupancy indicated for each accommodation.

The Agency Rivier dei Sogni or one of our collaborators or the owner have the right not to allow access to the accommodation or to ask for a surcharge for each person exceeding the number entered in the booking process.

You will be charged according to the price list for any damage you may cause.

Kitchen, kitchen equipment and crockery are not included in the final cleaning. You need to clean them yourself, otherwise you will be charged 30 Euros extra.

Early departures must be communicated to the Agency Riviera dei Sogni or to the owner at least 3 days in advance, in order to organize the apartment check.

You have to follow basic standards of civility and the base rules.

Each apartment has its own inventory list. You have to refer to the Agency Riviera dei Sogni or to our collaborator or to the owner any complaint otherwise you state that you are satisfied in all aspects and any damage will be at your expense. You have the right to complain about cleaniness within 2 hours from the key collection and about damage to furniture or equipment within 24 hours.

Responsibility of Agency Riviera dei Sogni and owner

Each accommodation is clean and in good order. Each accommodation has a kitchen or an equipped cooking area (there are pots, crockery and fridge). You will find sheets, towels, tv, washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning, etc., if they are mentioned in the description. Special requests have to be clearly indicated in the booking process. Each accommodation corresponds exactly to its description. This description is to be referred to in case of complaints.

Should the accommodation be very different from the description and should these differences affect your stay, the Agency Riviera dei Sogni or the owner will do everything possible to replace the booked accommodation with another one of the same quality or to find a convenient way to solve the problem.

Should you unfairly not accept another option, the contract is terminated without any refund.

Circumstances which the Agency Riviera dei Sogni and the owner are not to be held responsible for

The Agency Riviera dei Sogni or the owner are not to be held responsible for damages, injuries, from non potable water-supply and other troubles that could occur in the accommodation during your stay.


It is not allowed to submit to third parties rights in respect of Riviera dei Sogni. Third parties are not allowed to claim rights in your place.


Riviera dei Sogni does not provide any insurance. We suggest you sign a comprehensive insurance contract comprehensive, a holiday cancellation and a public-liability insurance valid in foreign countries.

Sanitary requirements, visa and passport

EU citizens can enter Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Nederlands, Norway, Ausria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary with a valid ID or passport. Children under 16 need a personal ID or can be registered in one of the parents’ passport. Children under 15 need a personal ID with picture to enter the Czech Republic.

All travellers to United Stated need a machine-readable passport valid at least until the date of departure. From 12 January 2009 each traveller authorized to enter the US without a valid visa needs an electronic entry authorization which is downloadable at following address: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov. No sanitary requirements are needed at the moment. You are the only person responsible for everything you could need for travelling (travel documents, vaccination, customs and monetary requirements, rules regarding animal transport…). Any consequence resulting from the in-observance of law or requirement is your responsibility. Any expense resulting from travel cancellation is at your expense.

We suggest that all non-EU citizens refer to their own embassy for further information.


The Court of Imperia will have jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Customer care

Before entering your personal data please, read carefully the information about treatment of personal data (privacy policy).

Privacy policy

This is an information about the treatment of personal data according to art. 13 Law D.L. 196/2003 dated 30/06/2003.

The body entitled to handle the personal data collected on this site is the Agency Riviera dei Sogni.

The data is collected for the following purposes:

  1. a) for the execution of the contract and related accounting and fiscal purposes, for marketing purposes.

The personal data is treated with computerized instruments and only stored for the time absolutely necessary to finalize the purposes for which it has been collected.

In order to execute the contract, the personal data will be used by Riviera dei Sogni.

The personal data will be used by Riviera dei Sogni for statistical purposes on products and services.

The authorization of the data treatment is obligatory and necessary for the execution of the contract and for the related accounting and fiscal purposes. For these purposes no extra permission will be requested of the person concerned.

With regard to the data treatment described above the person concerned has the following rights guaranteed by art. 7 of the Law 196/2003.

Art. 7 – Access to personal data and other rights

The person concerned has the right to obtain information about the existence or non-existence of personal data regarding himself/herself, even if the data is not yet registered, and to receive such information in an understandable way.

The person concerned has the right to know:

the origin of the personal data;

the purposes and modalities of data treatment;

the logic applied to in case of data treatment with the help of electronic instruments;

the identities of holder, responsible persons and the “representative” appointed according to Art. 5, paragraph 2;

the bodies or categories of bodies to which the personal data could be communicated or which could have access to them as representatives in certain state territories, as responsible persons or persons in charge.

The person concerned has the right:

to obtain an update, amendment or integration of any data;

to ask for the cancellation of his/her data, to keep it anonymous or to block it when it is used in breach of the law. This includes also the data that has not necessarily to be conserved for the purposes it has been gathered and treated;

to obtain a confirmation that the content of the above points a) and b) has been communicated to the bodies to which the data has been passed on unless such communication is impossible or requires means clearly out of proportion to the protected right.

The person concerned has the right to oppose, in total or in part:

the use of his/her data for legitimate reasons, even if the data is relevant for the purpose it has been gathered for;

the use of his/her data for the purposes of sending promotional material or direct sales, market surveys or commercial communications.